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As a photographer you get to see some of the most beautiful places. These places create the perfect setting for some amazing events. Are you having an amazing event, tell me about your project! 



It's been a long time. Two years since we were here at Knokke Hippique and what a pleasure it was seeing everyone back. No audience, but what an incredible show we had over the past few weeks. Jerome Guery took home the win with his spectacular Quel Homme de Hus in the 5* Rolex Grand Prix .


Finally we're back in Chantilly, the most amazing venue in a wonderful setting. The arena surrounded by spectators and loges created an amazing atmosphere. Nicolas Delmotte took home the win in the 5* Rolex Grand Prix. 



Wouldn't it be sad if you don't have your next superstar captured in images. While breeding season is almost over, a lot of foals are being sold. Capture yours before they are sold or when you just became the happy owner of a new foal. 

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